"Thin Spines of Memory" Poems by Star Coulbrooke, Cover by Jane Catlin

Added on by Jane Catlin.

This is the first of two poetry collections Star Coulbrooke will be releasing as Logan City Poet Laureate. The topic of this first collection relates to her formative years on a small family farm near the Bear River in Idaho. Recurring themes are fire, water, land, wild and domestic animals, trees, birds, dreams, death, and family.
Star selected my art for the cover because she said my paintings convey an organic sense of water, land, and endangered creatures, including humans. Together we chose the painting "Coalesce" that matched the themes in her book. Star said, ” That gorgeous painting reflects the mystery, danger, and beauty of the river I’ve loved all my life; it conveys the sense of loss and redemption that I hope the poems contain."

"Thin Spines of Memory" by Star Coulbrooke can be purchased on Amazon